How to enable Fingerprint Login for the Android app on OxygenOS

I have discovered a way to force Monzo to require a fingerprint before you open the app, making for a really nice temporary workaround to give your Monzo account some basic security, stopping random people on your phone from opening it

Before I start, please note that this only works on Oxygen OS, which is OnePlus exclusive

So to do this, you need to open settings. Then, you need to scroll down and find “Security and Fingerprint”. Open it, and find “App locker”. You’ll then be prompted to enter your phone’s pin number, security code or whatever you use to unlock your phone. Once done, you’ll see a list of all your apps; tap the little toggle next to Monzo, and every time you open the app you’ll be presented with this:

Hope this helps!


As the smartphone I bought new only last year has only just upgraded from OS ver 5.x to 6.x in the first quarter of this year I have to use the Norton app to provide security as ver 7.x is not available yet

My 18 month old Sony Xperia Z5 has Android 7.0 now, but not this particular menu. Is it maybe a OnePlus feature only?

Worked for me on One Plus 2 with Android 6.0.1 (OxygenOS version 3.5.6), however it now asks for fingerprint a bit incosinstently. I like it anyway, big thanks @Wheetoz! :cookie:

This is something that is exclusive to oxygen os.
You will only find it on the oneplus 3 and 3t for now.

I confirmed that One Plus 2 works too, without android 7.
Weirdly enough, flatmate with One Plus 1 tried and he got “Your device needs to be on at least Android 7.0,”. So it’s probably a mix between oxygen version and android version?
But definitely works on OP2. :slight_smile:

Only just found this today and was going to post but i see you guys have beat me to it! Running Android 7 with Oxygen OS on a 3T.


Like the previous post, this was a question I was going to ask.
I have now enabled this on my OP3, perfect!
I am still a little surprised that a native biometric option was not available from release. It could have been toggled on or off depending on hardware.
Anyway, thanks for the tip.

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