Fingerprint on Android

Hi there, just set up my Monzo app. Have enabled biometric authentication in the Monzo labs menu. However the app does not seem to use it. When ever I log out and back in it still uses an email link. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks and stay safe.

Logging out the app like that you will always need to have a magic link sent via email to get back in, there’s no reason to log out the app totally. Just ensure you’ve got the biometric settings switched on and exit the app like you would any other. That will keep the account logged into the app and require your finger print to open the app

Hmm, when I open the app it lets me back in without using the fingerprint.

There’s a small window before it locks unless you close the app completely. Maybe it’s that?

Have you enabled the correct option:

Also, logging out disables these privacy settings.

Remember: the biometric app lock is more of a privacy/ease of use feature, your PIN/email/device are the security.


Didn’t realise that I had to enable that setting too, thanks! :+1: