Biometric Security issue

The ‘Unlock App with biometrics’ toggle switch works intermittently on the app. I set it and then after a few logins the app then defaults to sending me an email to login. I then open the app with no security whatsoever and when i try to switch on the unlock function it is non responsive

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You shouldn’t “log out” so that you need the email link. Just close the app. If you’ve increased privacy then you’ll need to verify, otherwise the app will just load.


The reason for the biometrics not working has been explained above (you’ve logged out)

But if you are sent an email, then the email will have a ‘Magic Link’ to tap on, to open the Monzo app. You then need to enter your PIN at this point before gaining access to the account in-app, so I’m confused with the ‘…open the app with no security whatsoever’ statement?

If you have biometric disabled AND don’t log out of the app, then each time you open the app, it will open without any security measures - but not on the first opening where you are logging in.

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