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Just a thought, being a woman, i mostly keep my purse and phone together in my handbag, so if i was to get my monzo card stolen the chances are they would have my phone too, and access to the monzo app. It would be good if, on accessing the app, putting a 4 digit pin would be required. Is that possible?

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I have mine set to fingerprint recognition to get into the app. Do you have a password or something locking your phone? I would advise that you do otherwise anyone who had your phone could access everything.


Might be stating the obvious, but don’t you have a PIN/fingerprint lock to access the phone, and therefore the app anyway?

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Phones should be protected by the best protection they offer - if someone gets into your phone they have your email, and can get into all sort of stuff by just doing password resets. They have any 2FA apps you have installed…

That said there’s always room for more security and I believe there’s a plan for the monzo app to be able to require a fingerprint.

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I agree with you. You shouldn’t need to use other security to make up for a lack of security in the app, though doing so obviously adds to the security of your personal data.

Don’t be suprised by the stream of users objecting to the idea of a pin, as this has been raised before and so far to no avail.

While they seem to be concerned about their security of data in house on their servers there seems no urgency to protect user’s personal financial data at the point of the app.

There is some talk of introducing a fingerprint lock but that of no use on phones without a fingerprint reader or for those with one of dozens of dermatological conditions that impact their ability to use such physical readers.


Thanks for your comments, i dont have fingerprint recognition and yes i do have a pin security on my phone… it was just an idea lol

Love my OnePlus for this! Screenshot_20171013-215537

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Fingerprint and pattern combined? Nice.

Does it read the fingerprint when you draw the pattern or is there a separate sensor still?

When I log in my Monzo app asks me to sign in with my fingerprint. Have you checked in settings under the ‘card’ tab?

If you don’t have the option for a secure log in I must agree, that should be offered although I wouldn’t want a lengthy log in process like with most banks. 4 pin code would be ideal.

It’s either or, just like to unlock the phone in general. I did have a look to see if it could use both but it doesn’t. The ‘app locker’ uses whatever device security you have set up such as PIN/password/pattern and fingerprint if you’ve set it up.

This does give the disadvantage that if someone knows the pattern or PIN they can still get into your banking, but at least if your phone is stolen while it’s unlocked there is some security.

Touch ID protection is available for the iOS app. Fingerprint protection’s on it’s way for the Android app.
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