Manually Edit Transaction Location

(Matthew) #1

I’d like to be able to change/update the transaction location myself as on a few of my transactions it shows a completely incorrect location.

I use Android so I can’t report these issues within the App & I’ve contacted Monzo Customer Service on a couple occasions through the app, but it wasn’t resolved even though I was told it would be.

It’s a small but bothersome thing & I hate to bother customer services with requests of location updating as I’m sure they have bigger issues to deal with.

(Daniel White) #2

This has been something that’s been sliding further down the road map since October last year and it just seems that its not going to be implemented any time soon.

I have an old iPhone 4S that I use to access such features that aren’t available on Android and have found updating of names, locations and logos to be quite variable in how long and if they are updated so even having the feature is no guarantee.