Manage your money together with joint accounts!


I may be wrong, but I think that the direct debit retry functionality should address that without necessarily needing an overdraft!


Big +1 on getting Pots to the Joint Accounts. I opened a Monzo account specifically for this feature to help my wife and I manage our joint account, maybe I’ve misread what was available in the Labs version when deciding to sign up. O/D & CASS would be beneficial but Pots is the major functionality o/a what is available elsewhere.

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That helps if you have the money available and it’s just a case of a same day transfer from somewhere else to one’s Monzo joint account. Overdrafts help when you don’t, that day, have the money


Oh yeah, obv in that case you need an overdraft.


Does anyone know how Summary works in the joint account? Clearly there are two paydays - does it just count down to whichever one is next, or does it work out whether you need both to cover the bills and then count down to the second one?

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On my JA our summary is set to my payday as I’m paid first, once we’ve set budget etc it does think we are going to run out of money too quickly until my partner is paid and then all is fine.


That is another interesting scenario the summary doesn’t quite pick up with joint accounts which is the chance that both people are paid on different days.

I’m paid in the middle of the month, my partner the end. Be good to have the option to add both payments as wages rather than just one.


Another +1 for Pots on joint accounts. We don’t need CASS or an overdraft, but being able to stick funds for meals out, holidays, kids pocket money, etc. in different pots would be a marvel.

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I’m beginning to be frustrated with my Monzo accounts, which is gutting because I love the idea and Monzo as a company.

We used to have a single account each, a joint account where all our bills go from, and multiple savings accounts which we used like pots. It was clumsy but hubby and I could both keep track of what was going on and move money around pretty easily. The rub was that I hated the bank.

Perhaps I jumped the gun in my eagerness to leave the old bank behind, but I closed down the multiple savings accounts and moved the money into various pots on my personal account as I too thought joint pots etc. would be developed as part of joint accounts whilst they were in labs, and I would pretty quickly be able to move the money over to the joint account. Sadly this hasn’t been the case and I now feel as though I have less control over our finances not more, plus my husband has less visibility and my total account balance is always wrong (not calculated incorrectly, just including money from pots that shouldn’t be included in my personal total as I haven’t been able to move them to the JA).

Added to this, switching between the accounts is still clumsy (no pics of us in top left corner on android), there’s too much scrolling, and my screen is interrupted by the graph which is basically meaningless to me, banners delivering information like ‘service is slow’ that I can’t dismiss, and a chunky encouragement to switch all my DD’s which I also can’t get rid of.

To be clear, I’m not ungrateful, I appreciate that people are working hard, and some of this is my own fault, so please don’t attack me, but over the last couple of months, Monzo seems to have become bloated and I’m hankering for the days when I could log into an app and see a simple list of my accounts with their balances all on one screen.

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I think it’s likely that you are correct.

Monzo has many benefits which aren’t available at traditional banks. But I feel that Monzo is a bank at the early stages of development, and many of the features of traditional banking aren’t available (yet) in a Monzo account.

I dare say that Monzo will one day be the best bank there is. It’s on the road, but not there yet.

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I feel your pain

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I think that’s true, but in the end, as much as I want it to work, I may not be able to wait around to see it.

I looked on Trello today and saw that shared pots are listed as a long term goal. To me (as a lay person), shared pots and JA pots are very different, but as I couldn’t see JA pots listed I can only assume that Monzo see them as the same thing and they are a way off. Sadly, along with my summary screen being so crowded, that means that I can’t manage my money effectively which defeats the object.

It does seem odd to me that quite a few of us thought JA pots were imminent and I’m really disappointed.

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No, JA pots are in the immediate future and are part of the next set of features being worked on.

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Thanks @Feathers, that’s good to know. I thought I’d seen it somewhere before but couldn’t find it and then searching Trello convinced me I’d imagined it.

Does Trello still get used?

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I think it’s fair to say Trello isn’t what it could be. They’re looking at something more useful I believe that might wrap in a bit more than just the roadmap stuff but I know no more than that.


Last time I looked at Trello it was quite out of date, stuff that was done was still in the ‘medium term’ list…

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I think that’s why I got so confused. This forum is great but there’s a lot to search through to find anything. Trello provides (well, would if it were used properly) a really good overview. It’s a shame none of the cards have descriptions too

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Hey @cookywook are you able up find someone who can answer my question.
I’ve asked it here. The original thread. On slack. No answers.
It’s ridiculous now and disappointing.
Monzo shouldn’t ask us to test things if they can’t give answers. Is nobody from monzo monitoring this thread?


Have you tried asking via in app chat?

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I’ve considered it but I feel this needs answering on the community. Me posting screenshots from an in app chat isn’t that useful.

Edit: also defeats the point of having a community where you can ask questions. Even if the answer had been “please talk to in app support” it would have been fine. A lack of acknowledgement from anyone at monzo is the bit that’s annoyed me.