Manage your money together with joint accounts!


That’s the trouble with the community, you can never even be sure somebody from Monzo has read it :neutral_face:

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I would have expected them to be monitoring the labs feedback thread and this thread though.
Not every thread.

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I’m not sure which thread is correct for this post, so please feel free to move if I’ve picked the wrong one.

I’ve been having another look at my JA account today and I realised there’s no link for it. I can do bill splitting directly on a transaction though (not the new version yet, but that’s no problem). However, when the link is generated from my JA, it’s for my personal account. I haven’t been able to test it yet because I can’t pay myself, but would that mean any repayments would go to my personal account, not to the transaction on my JA?

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That’s correct. There’s no for joint accounts yet

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So why is bill splitting available? The two go together surely?

I appreciate I can transfer money back to my JA, but that’s incredibly messy

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Bill splitting can only be used to split with other Monzo users and was built when JA was already in progress. predates JA

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Sorry if I’m being stupid here, but regardless of the account I use, when I hit bill splitting on a transaction, it offers me the option to split with, 1, 2, 3 or 4 people or to customise the amount. Once I select an option, it generates a link for me to share. So aren’t they intrinsically linked?

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I’m talking about bill splitting which is in the labs at the moment and works on sole and joint accounts. The bill split feature you’re talking about is the old way and should only appear on your sole account and not on your joint one

Regardless of this the fact remains that is only available on sole account at present

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I thought I’d made that clear, sorry if I got the terminology wrong.

I thought this was a bug, but was trying to confirm the expected functionality before saying so.

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Apologies. I missed that line. :upside_down_face:

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No worries, we got there together :slightly_smiling_face: I should also have said I’m on Android because the new version is only on IOS isn’t it?

Anyway, I now understand that what I’m seeing in my Android JA is not expected functionality, so where should I report this bug? Is here enough or should I use in-app chat too?

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@Christophorus I’m really sorry that this has been missed :disappointed: By way of explanation, not excuse, it’s been very busy and all hands to the Intercom pump so there have been less eyes on the forum.

From what I understand, the issue is you closed a joint account and now can’t open it again with the same person? I’m afraid that is a known bug - thank you for making us aware :pray: I don’t have an ETA right now but it is something I started following up at the end of last week :+1:


What about with someone else, as per the original question asked?

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Apologies - I hadn’t seen the original question I’m afraid.

That should work as far as I know? It’s only when you try to create another JA with the same person that there are issues

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Thanks Hugh, appreciate the response. It doesn’t give me the option to try and create one. It just goes straight to

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Thanks - I will look into this tomorrow.

I was aware there was an issue resigning up for a Joint Account with the same counterparty but not with different ones.


+1 for joint account points ASAP!


Finally decided to try the switch and Santander rejected it :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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My husband signed up to a monzo card and received and activated it about a month ago.
when i try and set up a joint account with him, it still doesn’t see he has a monzo account so i cannot do this.
Is this an issue? or am i special? haha

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Have you both activated payments with friends?