Manage your money together with joint accounts!

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At the moment they basically do besides a week or so apart, depends which team finishes it off first. It also allows for any bugs found in the one to be rectified before it’s launches on the other.

At this point I wouldn’t say android is an afterthought for new features. Granted it’s still a bit behind in some aspects such as search but even it needs an overhaul on iOS. So my guess is it will be done at the same time on both in the future :crystal_ball:

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Search is just one of many, it was only last week that we got the ability to edit our phone number!

It may well not be a second thought but it certainly seems that way, just compare the version history of the two and have a play with each - you’ll see :woozy_face:

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We only recently got the ability to edit mob numbers too… I think :thinking:

(Harry) #148

iOS couldnt change their phone number either until last week.

(Joe Walls) #149

So can anyone from Monzo weigh in on when we’ll get pots and CASS for joint accounts?
I also assumed we’d get them straight away when joint accounts were available.

(Andy) #150

No dates yet. It’s in the plans. I hope we will get more info soon once big list finishes tomorrow

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Any official word on this at all?

(Joe Walls) #152

Ah yea, you’re probably right.
Maybe we’ll get Big List 2.0


Has the idea of having the joint account displayed similar to a pot been discussed? It would be great to see all the transactions in the same feed with the ability to filter by account. I’m really not a huge fan of having to switch accounts. Can we add some Monzo smarts to this rather than essentially having two apps in one :slight_smile:

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It has come up elsewhere and was far from a universally popular idea.

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Not sure where else to put this as there are a few “joint account feedback” threads.

Just used the “share account details” option to send my joint account details through WhatsApp. And for the name section rather than the expected “me & other person” it came up with my full name (include middle name).

As this was WhatsApp it was easy enough to change the name to reflect that it was a joint account, but I would have expected it to be different?

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When I upload a receipt on the joint account , only I can view the receipt. My partner can’t see the receipt uploaded agains the transaction. Is this a bug ? Surely If it’s a joint account then if one of us uploads a receipt we should both be able to see it ? Cheers

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No update on CASS yet either?

(Ian Bennett) #162

This is my first post so bear with me.

I’ve gone ‘full monzo’ on my personal account and love it, joint accounts being made public was brilliant news as most of my money is spent through my joint account with my wife (bills, food shopping, child care mortgage etc) which monzo lends itself to perfectly. With the added benefit of my wife getting a notification when I spend our joint money :roll_eyes:.

My new joint card arrived today and I was excited to activate it. This is when I found out there was no CASS or overdraft available. I’m sure this has been mentioned upteen times but it makes the joint account more or less unworkable for me - our overdraft is a necessary and used safety net and changing all the DDs will be a nightmare.

Other feedback, my wife isn’t interested in using Monzo as her personal account but in order to apply for a joint she had to open one anyway meaning a card she’ll never use was issued. I’m not the cost is minimal but if this takes off it could prove a helpful saving to just be able to open joint account straight off.


Hey @darthij - Sounds like you are in exactly the same situation as me.

I’ve said before, but changing my 15 or so DD’s wasn’t anywhere near as painful as I thought it would be.

Regarding OD - We just keep X amount in the account which we see as our OD for the time being.

With instant notifications, and the feed telling you of upcoming DD’s, you’d have plenty of warning to cover any payment that may fail anyway (scheduled payment that is).

It’s not perfect, but once it’s all set up, it works a treat.

(Ian Bennett) #164

Thanks Nick - with a bit of extra admin I’m sure it’ll be a good solution.

It’s a shame though because one of the key selling points of Monzo is the reduction in ‘life admin’ we all have to do to be functioning members of society!!

(Tom Page) #165

Having an overdraft for an account with substantial bills going out is really a necessity. Can we please have an update on when joint account overdrafts will appear?

(Ian Bennett) #166

Exactly - I’d hate to miss a mortgage payment because I didn’t transfer funds in time!!