Manage your money together with joint accounts!

(Jack) #125

Hi Emily ,

I’ve moved your post here to keep all the feedback and improvements for joint accounts in one place. It definitely seems like it needs to be improved.


When they went into labs I asked a few times what would happen if I got a JA and closed it. Would I be able to open another one?
I don’t recall seeing an answer.

What’s the process for opening a JA with another person if you’ve closed one?


Im pretty sure there’s no issue as long as you’ve fully closed down the previous JA via chat


Well I can’t do it. So there is an issue.


I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed it was raised right at the start of labs. Hopefully plans are afoot to improve it.


So the prior JA has been fully closed but the JA opening process is now not working?


Yep. Just tells me it’s complete.


Hmm sounds like some things aren’t talking to each other. Hopefully in app chat will help!


You would hope so. But I was kind of hoping to get an answer on the forums that was visible to those searching. Otherwise it’s just me reporting back a chat with COps.

(Emily Jones) #134

Thanks. Worth calling out this applies to sole accounts as well though.

(Jamie) #135

That is really important for me. When I spoke to support the other day they said it IFTTT would be coming. I would have expected it at launch to have feature parity with solo accounts. But other posts have explained that’s not how they are launching joint accounts

(Steven Burton) #136

I have created my account but don’t seem to have the option to create a pot, is this just because my card hasn’t arrived yet?

Can’t remember if I could create pots before I got my card with my main account or not!


Is this the joint account you’re referring to? If so they don’t have savings pots yet

And second, we agree with our community that pots for joint accounts would be really handy. We’re launching joint accounts without them, but we’re keen to add them soon.

(Steven Burton) #138

Yes it is. Ah ok that would explain it! Cheers!


Yeah I’ve just updated my post above with the information from the blog

(Steven Burton) #140

Do monzo have a backlog that’s visible anywhere for upcoming planned releases?


The roadmap has some high level things but not necessarily everything. For example overhauling the iOS code is kicking off now but not on the roadmap

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #142

Great! Android getting left even further behind. :triumph:


Wouldn’t the overhaul only use iOS engineers? If so this is an opportunity for the Android app to catch up.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #144

How so? It just puts IOS even further ahead because Android needs an overhaul too.

IOS have better UX and they have more features, the most recent being bill splitting. Android are always a secondary thought which is kinda sad. They should keep both on par and roll out features at the same time, instead they are segregating their users based on their preferred OS.