Manage your money together with joint accounts!

Oh I didn’t know this! Good news!!

Another thing ticked off my Monzo wish list!

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Does that also apply to notes and tags?

Anything about joints on your frustration list you want to push forward?

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Notes and tags have always shown for both people on joint accounts


That’s great, thanks for the update! :grinning:

I assume pots are similar, in that they’re stored against a user, rather than an account?


That’s an interesting thought. That pots are linked to accounts rather than stand alone :thinking:

Pots are indeed owned by a single user, rather than being owned by an account. Which perhaps seems like the wrong decision in hindsight; I’m not sure. That’s why can’t just “turn them on” for joint accounts (or we already would have).

And it’s not as simple as changing pots to be owned by an account rather than a user, like we did for attachments. We’ve been doing work on new kinds of pots (such as a pot which pays interest), which has made the pots system a bit more complicated. But mainly there are some unresolved design questions: how should we display that you have two accounts, and a number of pots, and some of the pots are accessible to both of you and some aren’t?

I’ve seen some really exciting designs for reworking the Accounts tab to have a vertical list of all your accounts, rather than the current horizontal list of pots (which makes you swipe between them). I’m hoping that the relevant team will be able to look at this problem in Q4 (i.e. before the end of the year) :grinning:

Veering off-topic, but it’s worth pointing out that we think of “joint pots” (shared between two people who also have a joint account) as distinct from “shared pots” (a pot owned by many users). I would quite like joint pots as a way of putting our shared funds aside (currently we use savings accounts at another bank for this).

Shared pots are a whole different thing, and there are unresolved questions like who “owns” the money; is it still FSCS protected; and can one of your friends just run off with it all? Personally I think bill splitting, and/or a “long-running” bill split, would be a better solution. But as I said, I’m getting off-topic… :upside_down_face:


This sounds like just what I’ve been hoping for! :smiley:


Thanks for taking the time to share this update! Gives me a bit of comfort that we will see joint pots before too long and hopefully I can keep the other half from demanding we move bank!


Plus one for a vertical scroll list. This is the one thing that works great for traditional banks and has no need to be reinvented. At least the basics of a ‘vertical list’ doesn’t need to be.

Though how to differentiate sole from joint seems very simple, either call the account sole/joint or have both profile photos float over the image on the left if that is still present.

Oh, and who do we need to pester to get a sneak peek of these designs? Sneak peek has been a very quiet section. Lately. :pensive:


Thank you, this update has cheered me up no end. Just knowing you’re working on joint pots rather than the radio silence makes all the difference :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely agree on this! :eyes:


They usually put things like this on their twitter account:

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I’ve just seen as a result they have been looking at a welcome penny idea:

Sounds perfect, just what I was hoping for with joint pots and is exactly how we’d be using them once released. Looking forward to using them in the next few months.

Thanks for the update, it’s good to see these things are being worked on.

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Updates sound good, please (for the good of my marriage) bring forward Joint Account pots…am coming under pressure here from the good wife for all the rigmarole around new cards / new pins / manually changing DDs, I need the reason for the change to be in play!


Good to have the update although rather disappointing news. If I had known it would be that long for joint account pots I wouldn’t have switched our joint account over


I’m really glad I waited rather than being tempted by the Labs version and assuming that CASS and pots would appear when it came out of Labs. Sad that I can’t move over fully yet though.

Hi there, just did my first transfer from my main account to joint, on the very nice little screen with the two profile pics.

But then I went into my main account to add notes, but sadly found I couldn’t? I’ve given up asking for custom categories, but if the poor replacement that is tags isn’t even available on transactions (still don’t understand why it can’t be added after the fact on bank transfers and others?) then what’s the point?

Why aren’t notes and tags available on every single transaction within monzo, whether a card payment, a Monzo to Monzo transfer, a main to joint transfer, or a full on bank transfer? Surely this can be divorced from the ‘reference’ field on a bank transfer and be treated as an entirely in-monzo area of transaction data that can be edited at any time.


On Android I can add notes to transfers with the joint account inbound and outbound.

Yup, one of the few areas where the Android app has an advantage over the iOS version :smile:

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