Making Monzo: Joint Account Pots

Check here for progress updates as they happen! Follow along on Twitter or in the app, in your Help screen :grinning:

Update 29/9: Why building Pots for joint accounts isn’t as simple as copying the feature from personal accounts:

Update 8/11: We’ve successfully created our first Joint Account Pot internally :tada:

Update 21/11:


Where in my help screen can I check for updates? :neutral_face:



As seen in that other thread you shared, it would be under the Sneak Peeks option. Worked on Android beta for me yesterday

I used to have a sneak peeks option :worried:

Silence from Monzo! Sneak Peeks and Community links gone.

I’m still seeing sneak peeks :man_shrugging:

Are pots coming to joint account?

This is in Monzo-internal testing at the moment, and I think they’re looking to get it out by the end of the month, based on their latest blog post.

There’s a big thread about it here:

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Right now, joint pots are still in staff testing. We’re trying to figure out all the edge cases and make sure you can use them right away as Savings Pots too. Stay tuned!


I’d definitely like to see this in Labs or Testflight without having to wait for Joint Savings Pots. :grin::pray:


Joint pots or joint account pots :eyes: :eyes: :wink: @cookywook

What’s the difference between a joint account pot and a savings pot?

Joint pots are just as they sound, pots for joint accounts. A joint savings pot will be a pot for joint accounts that earns interest.

A ‘joint pot’ to me implies you don’t need to be on a join account together. A ‘joint account pot’ implies to me you do!

(obviously this is on the joint accounts pot thread & Tabs are a great alternative to joint pots :slight_smile:)

‘Shared pots’ is the term Monzo use for their multiple-people-without-joint-Accounts concept. Joint pots and joint account pots are used interchangeably for pots with joint accounts.


Has this been confirmed Mike?

Quite confusing terminology but Im hoping that once Joint/Joint Account Pots have been completed alot of the ground work will have been done for Shared Pots.

Personally, I think a Shared Pot will completely negate the need for me to ever have a Joint Account with my partner so looking forward :slight_smile:

Thanks. Why would anyone choose to put money in a pot that doesn’t get interest when they can ?

I would say shared pots are not confirmed at this point (if that’s what you’re asking). There’s been much discussion but it’s been quite quiet on that front recently so I’m not sure what to expect.

The answers to that are many and varied and depend as much on individual personality and priority as much as anything else. It’s certainly not something I can answer simply and easily!

If there is one feature wher I would be happy with MVP It’s joint account pots. More than happy for savings, round up, ifttt and even scheduled payments to be added later.

It’s a real pain splitting money out to a personal pot and back again. And we have noticed an increase in spending and miss management as a result :pensive: