What’s happened to Help tab?


I can’t access Community link from it now!

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I know it’s a tired old solution, but have you tried force-quitting the app and opening it again?

The help tab loads a bunch of stuff dynamically when you first open it, and it looks like yours has got stuck partway through.

HOLD ON, I’ve just noticed your search text box is at the bottom instead of at the top – so maybe you’ve had some test version of the Help tab foisted on you, so good luck with that.

Same for me

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Yeah. I tried force quitting but no change. It’s awful. The keyboard pops up as soon as you tap the Help tab meaning you need to get rid of the keyboard to access other tabs.


Mine has also changed to this - Although I still have my chat history, so I’m guessing I’m still on Intercom.

Same for me on Android

Same here on Android. I reckon we’re in an A/B test.

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Likely AB testing as others have said. There’s been quite a bit of it on the help section of late. Guess they are trying everything they can to reduce support requests

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Wouldn’t A/B testing add things? I used to have the community link but now it’s gone even though it’s just been announced I should be using it for sneak peaks :neutral_face:

My help screen has reverted to the previous (and IMO better) version. Looks like I’ve been switched to Monzo Chat as well.

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Not always, I frequently AB test by removing things!

Just after you’ve made an announcement to use it? :neutral_face:

The good news is that my help tab is back in full working order!

This is an experiment which should be concluding very soon, and everyone’s Help screens should be back to normal :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like the silly experiment is happening again! Lost my links to Sneak Peeks and Community from Help tab :frowning: