Maximum payment limit on debit card?

Hi - I have just started on Monzo. I am intending to go to Holland shortly to buy a caravan - Monzo should be ideal for making a payment in Euros using the debit card. I will of course load up sufficient funds to the account first, but am worried there may be a maximum amount per transaction. If so could I get around this by making a number of smaller payments?

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Hey @friartuck! :wave:

You can see your limits in your account if you tap on Manage underneath the card and then Spending and card limits.

It’s £10,000 per day for debit card transactions, but if you need this increased you’ll need to contact us on the in-app chat!


Thanks. That would usually be more than enough but I have a one-off transaction coming up where I will need to pay out 17,000 euro. Are you able to authorise that please.

You need to message in-app chat for them to authorise that for you. We are customers just like you here on the Community. :slightly_smiling_face:


Like Beth said, if you’re making a payment or transfer of over £10,000, just send us a message in the chat and we’ll look into raising the limit for you :money_with_wings: