Buying a House - Large Purchases

I fully believe that Large Purchases should be an option for when you phone Monzo instead of having to use the in-app chat. I need to transfer £22k to my solicitor and waiting for someone to get back to me on the chat is starting to drive me a little crazy.

Anyway this can be looked into for other people who have to go through this?


No other option other than to wait. Have a search on here if you want to read other peoples experiences who have said similar :slight_smile:

This issue is constantly talked about on here, there’s not a lot you can do other than keep phoning, my best advice having been through the process twice with Monzo is send everything they need through chat now so that have it all and limits the back and forth when you finally get through.

So make sure the amount is in your account(not a pot), send a selfie with you holding your id, tell them how much, what it’s for and who you’re sending it to


I’ve just moved the money over from a savings account so will be transfering it tomorrow (hopefully) so I do have a bit of time before it actually needs to be sent. But great advice will do that now

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Depending on who you speak to, sometimes they let you do it in advance and other times not.

If they don’t, I would try and start it as early as you possibly can, 00:01 being the best time. Follow the steps as above and hopefully that will speed it along too.

For most of us, chat opens at 7am. Another Monzo ‘improvement’


Can you send it as multiple payments over a couple of days - if Monzo don’t get back to you in time? - can you use a different account to send it?

All you can do is wait, nothing else at this point.

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This is the most recent account of someone in a similar situation:

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I think this all falls down to how big this purchase is.

For most of us buying a house is the biggest purchase you’ll make. So there should be a dedicated support service for this issue.

People can say use another bank, but that becomes more tricky with a house purchase as then the solicitor asks the question “Why did you move the money? Where did that money come from? Do you have bank statements showing where that money came from?” That information isn’t neccesarily hard to get but it shouldn’t be needed if I could just up my limit the one time I need to do it without all this faff.

As someone said there should be a “Raise Limit” button that then tells you what info you need to send to a specialist who can look into it. It’s now been 2 hours since I asked to raise my limit and all I’ve had is a we’re connecting you message. When I phone up there isn’t even an option to talk to someone, all I get is please use the app.

It’s the first time since being with Monzo I feel like the service has been dreadful.


When it’s resolved - raise a complaint - that’s all the advice we can give you. While everyone sympathises with your view, there’s nothing we can do about it. Raising a complaint is the best way to get it through to Monzo that this needs to be self-serve ahead of time with authorisation given for a 24 hour time period etc.

There are so many ways it can be better, but until Monzo realise the impact it’s causing, they won’t.


I bet there isn’t a team that deals with it, specifically the increase of limits I mean, because it’s rare. And because it’s rare, there won’t ever be a team for it.

They know the pain and stress this causes and don’t do anything about it. The fact it takes so long proves it’s not important to them.

I wouldn’t be anywhere near as anxious if I could just speak to someone :joy:

I got around this by just sending it in batch payments over a few days. Saved me having to get stuck in this daft Monzo process.


It really has gone downhill since the early days - when I bought my car I got my limit raised in about 10 minutes during a tea break at work… it was the easiest thing ever.

I wouldn’t even consider doing the same with monzo now.

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I think it’s fair to say that number of users, and therefore the number of support requests going through has increased considerably in that time though. So I’m not surprised it’s suffered slightly.

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Just a little update. I was probably being very over dramatic when I said the service was dreaful.

But I suppose when buying a house you’re going to be anxious and stressed. I did get a message back after 3h30m saying it has to be done on the day of the transfer.

So I message Monzo this morning and they raised my limit immediately after going through the checks and infact it was extremely easy to do so.

I do still believe that if I could have just spoken to someone I wouldn’t have been a miserable bastard :slight_smile: Alas all my savings have now gone and hopefully I’ll have a house to show for it. Cheers everyone.


I know how important that is – I had a nightmare with my solicitors on exchange day as they didn’t answer the phone until about 2pm and the assistant kept saying “we can’t get hold of the seller’s solicitors” which got me in a right panic! But as soon as I got through to the actual solicitor, they reassured that’s it’s just fairly normal legal back and forth they’re doing

So sometimes speaking to a human is actually what’s needed

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Interesting that it happened immediately on the day. Also, I think a lot of people in here assumed (wrongly?) that you had to make the transfer yesterday!

The key thing here is, thanks for coming back and updating people - a lot of people come here, complain and we never know if it worked or didn’t etc. :+1:

Congrats on the new house.


Don’t apologise for your stress in the situation that isn’t your doing!


It’s all fun and games. Thankfully I’d never moan at an actual person to their face and just do it in an online forum :joy:

Even better is I’ve had confirmation from the solicitor that all monies has been received. So I can now actually breath not thinking I sent it to some random stranger.

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