Magic Links not arriving / locked out of account

I have my own domain name so I use a dedicated email address for my Monzo account. It is Monzo@**********

I have used the same email address since I opened my Monzo account and magic link emails have previously arrived in my mailbox without any issue.

I had to logout of my Monzo app so I’m now trying to log back in and the emails containing my magic link are not arriving in my mailbox.

Monzo are failing to reply to my emails sent to or my Twitter messages.

Since Monzo do not offer a password option to access our accounts I am stuck with no access to my accounts and no customer support.

My theory is that the Monzo IT team have recently blocked any email addresses that contain the word “Monzo” thinking they are all spam and phishing emails.

Anyone else having problems with magic link emails no longer arriving in their mailbox?

I have done all the obvious things, searched my spam folder, searched my mailbox on the web in case it’s a mail app issue, etc.

Monzo support - if you are reading this please reply to my emails and Twitter messages. I have sent my email from my Monzo@******* email address as well as my email address in case you are not receiving my emails either.

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Hi Richard, I’m really sorry you havent heard back from us yet. In all honesty, our emails are fairly back logged which might be why you’ve not heard from us over there, but I’m not sure on the Twitter front.

I work with the social media team, so I’m going to go and take a look now to find your message now so we can look at getting this sorted for you as soon as possible! :pray:

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Hey Richard,

Wild stab in the dark, but are you by any chance using Office 365? If so, have you run a message trace and seen if anything shows there?

Ah if its office, then that explains what’s going on here :grimacing: We’ve had some trouble with the login emails and Microsoft email accounts!

We’ll get you logged in though :pray:

I use my own domain also not had any issues lately, but in the passed have taken over 10mins to arrive and therefore making the magic link useless.

I use Outlook but not Office 365 or GSuite :wink:

I have tested this myself and currently waitng over 10mins for the email link to arrive.

Also checked my spam and junk folder in Outlook and directly on the hosting mail cleint also nothing arrived as of yet.

Out of interest, what happens if you check your email address here?;

Mine arrived in the Junk folder time stam as 12:33pm, but as per my last forum post that time would have been 12:35pm, and my email checker schedule is every 1 minute :wink:

There is a roughly 5 to 10 min delay on reciving the emails and for some reason mine are now starting to go to the Junk fiolder

Thanks David. I’ve tried email-checker as you suggest and it says my email address exists.

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Thanks Daniel. I don’t use Microsoft or Office 365. I use Fastmail.FM and my own domain name with DNS MX records pointing to FastMail.FM mail servers.

Thanks everyone. I’ve now had replies from Monzo on here, via emaIl and on Twitter, and Ellie is now assisting me. As suggested by Ellie I have emailed her a selfie holding my drivers license photo ID so she can change my account email address to my Gmail address.

I am however now very wary on “magic links” and the risk of losing access to my account again, fortunately I have not switched entirely to Monzo yet and this experience may scare me off doing so, but I’d like the option of password access to my account like other banks.

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I also use my own domain with Fastmail and don’t have any trouble - so maybe your theory on keyword blocking has some weight.

I feel bad for the person whose sole KPI is the speed and reliability of magic links as email is as bad as technology gets.

That being said this has to be a constant top priority.

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised. My company goes as far as blocking email addresses that contain the names of our senior execs in case someone outside tries to email someone internally pretending they are the exec, and this kind of blocking is becoming commonplace in business. It would be nice to know that if this is the case with Monzo and if they have blocked the word “Monzo” on email address like my own that they have informed their support teams so they can keep an eye on incidents such as mine and they have a “whitelist” facility to allow genuine email addresses like my own. Anyway hopefully I’ll have access via my traditional gmail address shortly.


Unlikely to be behind any of this, but ‘Monzo’ is a registered trademark in the UK (Class 9 which it could be argued covers email addresses) so has another element of protection :man_judge::woman_judge: