Magic Link Alternative


The magic link is extremely convenient if the app and email are both stored on the device, however, is it possible to introduce alternative methods? Maybe an SMS?

E.g. my work devices have personal emails blocked due to IT policy; therefore I am unable to easily log in to Monzo using my work devices. A simpler alternative would be good instead of having to contact the Monzo help team each time. Unless there’s a better solution I have missed. Thanks!

Why do you have to login “each time”? Is this because you’re logging in on your personal device which logs you out of your work one and vice versa on a regular basis? Is your personal device not available when you’re at work? If not then you wouldn’t be able to receive the SMS anyway? Otherwise just use Monzo on your personal device? Or do you only have a work device? If so, you should only need to login one and it’ll last indefinitely?


All valid points. Tbh my situation is probably unique - I’m currently on my work laptop where I am trying to access the Developer page (where I require a magic link) - Gmail is blocked and I don’t have my personal laptop available. Thanks.

Set up a forwarding rule for those emails ?