If I get logged out, how do I log back in?

If I were ever to be logged out of my app would I just need to type in my email I used to sign back in.

You would also need access to that email account to activate the magic link.

Cool. I couldn’t remember if it was just a magic link or of it had asked me to set up a password. That’s what I get for setting it up at work.

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Just logged out and back in, type email, magic link and enter pin so much easier than some of my other accounts I have had.

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yeah, so much easier than remembering which password you used

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I wish more people could remember which email address they used during the Monzo sign-up!


It makes me wonder how many email accounts people have! :thinking:

For me I have a spam one, a “normal” one and a work one. That’s it.

Ignoring the fact that I use a password manager it’s not hard for me to remember which email address I’ve used for a service.


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