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Won’t install on my old old laptop :frowning:

I take it the laptop is pre-mid 2012?

Yah that might be the reason there then :joy_cat:

My Mac mini clings on… Just at a 2013 model. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact it’s trying to install via the App Store is a bit telling. OS downloads and software updates were moved into system preferences since Mojave?

I installed it on 10.14 and it was prompted from System Updates after installing the macOS 10.15 Beta Developer Profile.

I might just bang it on my main macbook coz well… YOLO


I used to install it on my main Mac all the time as Mac’s are easy to reinstall. Usually it graphics issues and lack of features which are the main problem in the betas.

Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade my main Mac as Nvidia (I have a 1080 card) isn’t compatible with Majove onwards at all so my old Macbook Pro it is!

Just installed it. Can’t see any major differences apart from a new wallpaper and the added apps.

Relatively unimpressed so far. Doesn’t feel like a major release to me, but then neither did Mojave!

Oh, and System Preferences has shuffled a bit!

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I’m installing now


That took me ages to upgrade but its finally complete! It lied for a long time that there was only 11 minutes to go. 11, hour long, minutes.

My Macbook Pro now sounds like a jet airplane :airplane: . I may need to do a complete fresh install :rofl:.


1hr later it’s installed :joy_cat:

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The jet engine seemed to calm down after a bit so I wonder if spotlight was reindexing.

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I got a jet airplane when I decided to run brew upgrade and it decided to compile everything from scratch… I was pleasantly surprised that only two failed though.

Has anyone been able to use Sidecar? I can’t get it working. If I do a spotlight search, the preference pane is listed, but it says it’s unavailable when I try and open it :frowning:

Might not be in the first beta.

I’d be very surprised if this was available in the first few betas, they didn’t even demo it on stage. It was only shown on a video.

I got Jet Engine left it in the front room and all was fine in the morning however anything iCloud related did not seem to be working so I have signed out and in again and left it on to see what happens when I get home later

There’s someone on the unofficial slack that had it working… so it’s definitely there :man_shrugging:

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I wonder if you need a newer Mac with a newer bluetooth or wireless chipset that my mid-2012 Macbook Pro, which just snuck in for 10.15, doesn’t have. I have a iPad Pro 2018 with iPadOS 13 on it so I know it isn’t the iPad. It isn’t on my preference pane but if I search Sidecar and try to launch it I get this error.