MacBook Air M1 or m2?

Thinking of buying a laptop, currently use iPad Air 4 and a magic keyboard. MacBook Air m2 seems pricey, so thinking of an M1. Also i am considering a refurbed or second hand MacBook to keep costs down. Have looked up cex and would even trade in magic keyboard. What is everyone’s thoughts on M1 vs m2 for light use and has anyone bought from cex?

I have a M2 MacBook Air in Midnight being delivered tomorrow :grin: Can’t wait! Currently have an immaculate 2016 13” Intel MacBook Pro I’m looking to get rid of if you’re interested! :computer: #shamelessplug

If budget is your main concern then I would go M1. But you’re missing out on the new design then.


Had my M1 Air for over a year now. Absolute beast of a machine.


Thanks for the offer, don’t want to go any older than M1 air, although I’m sure your pro is a good bit of kit. Enjoy your m2 in midnight, lovely colour and yes new design is better looking in my opinion.

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The colour is really interesting. Had to go in to the Apple Store to see it. In some light it’s very blue, other light it’s basically black!

Yes have just saw on YouTube reviews so far and looks blue, but midnight phones are black i always thought.

I’ve just come into the possession of an M1 iPad Air. As much as I thought I was a computer person, this really made me think that the iPad could replace my normal ‘computer’ tasks. Worth a thought. I’ve also got an M1 Air. I was planning on buying the M2 Air because I like the design, but now I’m wondering if it’s really worth it.

I agree my iPad Air 4 is great, and does all I want. Have looked at MacBooks for ages now, think bigger screen is part it.

I’ve just got the 12.9 inch iPad Pro with the keyboard. It’s really made me wonder if I need a ‘computer’.


What’s a computer?

Edit: gosh that was four years ago already! How time flies


Why not get an iPad Pro bigger screen and then get the magic keyboard stand best if both worlds you get the touch screen and the keyboard+stand


Yea that was pretty ridiculous… but now… it kinda is a computer

I still use my MacBook Air 2014 and it’s pretty solid. I don’t think you need the M2 really, although it may last a bit longer?

The 2014 is a getting towards slowing down a bit much on everyday tasks. So at that I’d say MacBooks have about 8-10 years in them?

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I’d go for (and have) an M1 Air.

They’re often on sale and I bet you can grab a bargain on sale / refurb / second hand.

It’s ridiculously good.

The M2 Air looks awesome but the value proposition just isn’t in the same ballpark. The base model is also too gimped because of the slow storage, so you’re really looking at £1400 for a liveable spec.


Anyone ever bought from this website? £799 seems cheaper than anywhere, although from reviews it’s US keyboard but can’t see that causing any problems.

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It may be a grey market import from Hong Kong or something like that. In that case go for it that’s how I bought my MacBook for a few hundred quid cheaper!

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I was given an M1 Pro MacBook Pro for work, it’s an incredibly good machine. Nothing makes it sweat, and the power management is fantastic, it genuinely does last all day on a charge.

Obviously opt for the M2 if you can, but the M1 processors are class too.

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Yes, it’s a finger print magnet. Yes, the colour is amazing :rocket:


Looks class, enjoy.

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So this is what I have ended up going for. Hoxtonmacs have good reviews and it’s a grade A refurb. Will check battery when it arrives and for cosmetic damage, anything else I should be looking out for?