MacBook Pro 16 inch

What’s everyone’s thought on the new MacBook Pro ?

Lovely but I’m retired so can’t afford :slightly_frowning_face:



I think that emoji effectively sums up my thoughts.

And also…

Apple and I clearly have different definitions of what “studio-quality” means :joy:


Apple and their classic marketing gimmicks.

Who needs a laptop that big! I have a 13" pro and its perfect size for use on the go.

Just a personal preference though


The overall size is similar to current 15 inch version. They reduced the bezel size. Looks impressive. Waiting for reviews before making up my mind

I could counter that by saying who needs a Monzo account? Different people need (and want) different things

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Everyone of course!!


But I understand it will be perfect for lots of people

Would love to get one. I feel I’d have to go for at least 32GB RAM and a 2TB drive - to future-proof it - so it really would be quite an expensive investment!

Someone like me! My eyes are starting to deteriorate, and a bigger screen would be a definite advantage.

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We all love Monzo :heart::heart:


I might consider dealing with the touch bar if they add 64GB to the 13" model and deal with whatever bug causes Chrome to eat CPU cycles and destroy battery life.

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Expensive but might be worth it, if it lasts 5-7 years.

The size makes it a non-starter for me. I’m currently using a 12-inch MacBook and it would be hard to switch back to anything else. Also the fact that I always stick to the cheapest model means I can treat them as disposable and not cry too much if I damage them, but I can’t imagine doing that with a 2k+£ piece of hardware and so I don’t want the associated anxiety with the risk of smashing it.

I guess everyone has different priorities. When I bought my MacBook Pro retina first Gen back in june 2012 , it was pretty high spec for that time. 2.3ghz quad core , 16gb Ram and 256 SSD. Even after 7 years some of the baseline MacBook Pro 12 and 13 inch is still slower then my 7 years old laptop. I guess it varies what the user preferences are and money vs how long you are planning to use it. This laptop of mine served me well for 7 years 4 months and it’s still working well. It’s interesting to see everyone’s thought.


I agree in terms of performance it definitely makes sense to buy the new one, but for me with a piece of hardware I carry every day (including on crazy drunken nights out after work) with an elevated probability of smashing it I don’t want to invest too much. So I always go for the base model and do the resource-intensive stuff on EC2 or my home server. Also the weight is a big concern when you carry it pretty much all the time.

That’s just chrome being awful.

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Except it only happens under MacOS. I wonder why it doesn’t happen at all on my Windows and Linux machines :thinking:

Apple can’t fix bugs in Google software.