iOS 15

Seems like we’re missing an iOS 15 thread!

Who’s on it? What’re you liking/disliking?

I was surprised how many of my ‘normal’ apps work on it, at least compared to previous years. I’m also really appreciating the different focus profiles, they certainly help reduce the distractions at work.

I’m not yet getting on with the new safari design although I do like having more space for the actual page.


As mentioned in another thread. I really dislike the new “Safari look” but it will probably grow on me after a while.

I know you shouldn’t but for the last 3 years I’ve installed the BETA on my main phone because I was too impatient for the official release. Of course by doing this they come with bugs. But I’m not sure if to do this with IOS 15 or just wait.

How buggy is IOS 15 at the minute?

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It’s been pretty reliable at the moment :crossed_fingers: I’m on a weird Appleseed Beta so I can’t speak for how buggy is the Dev Beta.

There has been some apps that are incompatible with iOS 15 which really sucks but all in all it’s been a pretty smooth release on all my devices so far. Then again not much as changed so you’d hope it wouldn’t break much.


Fair enough. Thanks for that. From what I’ve seen all my mostly used apps work fine and I’m surprised that Halifax and Monzo don’t display the “We do not provide support for this unofficial releases of IOS” like some banks do, and then they stop you from using the app.

One of the main apps I use and this is kind of why I haven’t upgraded to IOS 15, is I’m a diabetic with a freestyle libre sensor. So instead of doing blood sugars I have a sensor in my arm which I scan with my phone and the. It reads my bloods for me. However IOS 14 BETA the app stopped working and I couldn’t use the app for like 3 months. So I’ll probably stay a way.

Using iOS 15 here with no major issues most of my apps are working. The thing I am getting used to the most is the change of the search and url bar on safari.

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Is someone leaking Appleseed builds, or are you part of the program?

If the latter, nice to meet a fellow Appleseed member! :slight_smile:


Sadly mostly everything gets leaked nowadays

I’m an AppleSeed member :blush: no one has leaked it yet I don’t think :thinking:


Awesome! Never seen an Appleseed build leak, ever, IIRC. No one breaks that NDA.

The developer builds meanwhile spread like wildfire though!

It’s super easy to get a dev account though, and I don’t mind paying for the early access :smirk:


If you can reveal … cause I’m too lazy to Google … what’s the difference with an AppleSeed build?

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It has certainly been very easy to get a dev one for a long time :grimacing:

In answer to Dan’s original post, I’m loving it on my iPad.

Unsure whether to install on my iPhone yet, but probably will soon.

New safari on iPad is very cool - interested to see how it will be on phone.

It’s like a middle ground between the public beta and the dev beta. You get a more reliable build that won’t break as often.


36 hours on, I’ve found the tab bar changes to Safari to just be a disaster.

I just can’t get on with it at all. Back to Firefox.

I stopped paying like 5 years ago but I still have access to the betas for some reason.

Or Google apple beta profiles for free if you want the beta.

I’m on ios15. Main issues I’ve seen so far are that Mail is buggy and will say no email or just one email and you have to go out and back in or manual refresh. Safari is a bit odd that when you click the bottom you type in the top. I get why but just a bit odd. Think I’ll get used to it though.

Beta has been great so far on my iPad. Time to stick it on my iPhone! :grimacing:

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Isn’t this usually an identical build to the developer betas, without the requirement to be a developer, since it’s invitation only?

You could check the build number but I’m pretty sure it would be the same.

My build number is 15.0 (19A5261w) normally from my experience on the Beta Appleseed is behind the developer by about a week after the original release.