Security Issue


I’ve noticed that once I’ve opened the app It doesnt ask me to sign in again via pin or fingerprint…

I find this annoying as if I lost my phone anyone can do a transfer out of this account.

I’m currently using the Samsung Note

If you go into settings you can turn this on

They shouldn’t be able to make any transfers to other accounts, that requires a password/fingerprint/pin with each transaction.

You should also have a pin on your phone anyway to stop people gaining access to any of your apps.


No they couldn’t. You need to enter your pin to move money :slight_smile:


Do you not have a pin number or any other form of security on your phone e.g. touchID or FaceID?

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Despite Monzo not having the option of a passcode to open the app, Monzo is actually probably more secure than most other banks:

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Do you have email on your phone? Does that require you to sign in every time?

That’s a much bigger vulnerability if you don’t have a lock code on your phone.

Because the Monzo app requires you to enter a PIN before moving money, your account is more secure than you think.

This issue has been raised with the teckies at Monzo. This seems to be happening after the last update.

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Thanks I’ve sorted the issues, it was in settings

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I have noticed that as well.

Have to keep turning fingerprint security on.

That said, half the time my phone won’t recognise my own fingerprint at times, especially after my hands have been in water!

Yes you can fix it in settings but for some reason it gets changed again. That’s the issue

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