Remote Logout for lost phone


I lost my phone yesterday and have been going through all my apps/accounts to do a remote logout and change passwords etc.

Am I able to do this for me Monzo account? I will have a new phone on the same number by the end of the day, so I am hoping to set up on my new handset and change the password immediately, and the sim that is in my lost handset has been blocked, so my number etc will not be attached to the handset any longer.

I want to make sure I’ve done what I can to logout and change passwords of all the apps I had running on the lost phone (particularly ones that are linked to a bank account!) but not sure how to go about doing this, any help much appreciated!



If it was an Android phone you lost, logging in on a new Android device will log you out on the previous device. Like wise for an old Apple to new Apple device.

If you’re able to use your phone’s Find My Phone to attempt a remote wipe of your data that would be a good idea.

I would be more concerned about access to your email, but it sounds like you’ve sorted that.Your email is your login for Monzo. In the case of someone being able to access the Monzo app on your old phone before you get a chance to log in on your new one, they would still need your pin to transfer money out of the account.

I’d also suggest contacting in-app help as soon as you setup your new phone and marking it as urgent so they can further advise you.

You can use: on any device to view recent transactions if you are concerned. Unfortunately I don’t think this logs you out of your current phone login.


Thanks, that’s really helpful, I’ve wiped the data with find my phone and have changed my email password and haven’t seen any other activity of login attempts on it, so hopefully have managed to clear it of all data before anyone was able to use it. Can see from my google map tracking that it isn’t on or moving, so think the battery has died (which is a relief that isn’t not being used!)

Will contact in-app support when I set up my new phone and see if there’s anything else I can do to make sure it’s secure.

Also just checked my account via the link you posted and nothing suspicious, phew!



One more thing you can do is register your old phone’s IMEI in this database
The police will check against it if it’s handed in.
You might need a proof of ownership like an invoice with the IMEI on it to pick it up, but don’t need one to register it.

Also a good idea to register your new one and laptops etc

Good job for doing the right thing and changing all your passwords. You should also consider all data on the stolen phone compromised.

The posts above are right, logging into the same kind of device (iOS or Android) will log out any other devices of the same kind. Not that it matters too much, as moving money out of your account would’ve still required either the card PIN or Touch ID.

If you locked your phone on Find my iPhone don’t bother reporting the IMEI as stolen; nobody will be able to use it anyway. If anything, not blacklisting the IMEI means the phone still has a chance to connect to the network and report its position to you (and process the remote erase command if it hasn’t already) if they ever put a new SIM card in.


While this is true. There probably should be a way to deauthorise your old device from their system properly.

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