More security for Android App

I think there should be a way where you have to login to the app, because if my phone is snatched and its not locked they can open the Monzo App and transfer whatever is in my account.

Important clarification

You have never been able to transfer money or make payments without further authorisation (either fingerprint or PIN)


You can’t transfer money without the pin. Worst they could do is see how much money you have.

Even that to happen they would have to get access to the phone which means they have your fingerprint as well. If they have that level of access they have your email and likely access to your password manager and 2FA codes, logged in websites…

Or they just pay for loads of stuff using android pay until you have no money left…

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You could turn on “Use fingerprint to unlock app” in settings?


What are you feelings on if your phone is snatched and they get into your email?

Does that worry you more or less?

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I solved this by adding a chain around it.


I solved this with cement


fingerprint auth on your phone with an extra fingerprint auth at app level.
On mine you have to use fingerprint to open the phone and then open specific apps like photos/notes/folders etc with your fingerprint again.

Just an extra level of security. Make sure you don’t save important notes to your sd card if you have one.

Back up pin - when you restart etc needs to be very complicated also.
Use Kapersky passwords or lastpass if you have trouble remembering. Web access on these. You can log in and wipe your phone info from the web access if it is stolen.

Make sure your app settings are configured to lock the apps when the phone is idle/logged off etc.

Also put the Monzo App (and any others) into an Android secure folder for yet more security. Being hidden from view is one of them :slight_smile:

My niece would still be able crack the code :roll_eyes:

Enable the camera to take a hacker shot and send it to you. Got many mug shots of our son! LOL