I’ve found myself without a phone… it died on me this morning and now I have to wait for it to be repaired/replaced. During this time I won’t have access to my Monzo account, which currently holds all my disposable income, nor can I use the chat facility to keep an eye on my balance etc. This is where an online version of my account would be handy. I’m also have no access to my emails whilst my phone is dead, the joys of two-step verification so this forum is my only way to communicate with Monzo. Is their a solution to access my account?

(Tom Warren) #2

Might be best to drop an email to :thumbsup:

I know you have mentioned no access to emails, but I’d imagine you have a web version of email i.e. Gmail, Outlook etc.

(Naji Esiri) #3

@beanhead85 what a start to the morning! Hopefully we can figure something out for you :+1: I’ll PM you for some details now, so keep an eye on your inbox!

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presumably you have some access to emails from a PC ?

can you not use -

lets you read your balance every time you log in - admittedly not great but will let you check at the end of the day what balance you have left and all your transactions


Thank you!

I’m unable to access my personal emails without my phone, as I need my phone as part of the two-step verfication process.

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that sounds like good useful security :slight_smile: with a few drawbacks


At least I know it works, just a pain in the arse when my phone is out of action.

(Simon) #8

I tend to stick my sim into an old dumb phone while I don’t have access to my phone so I can still get verification texts. Although that only works if you took the sim out before handing it in for repairs


You don’t have backup codes?