Lost Monzo card in india

Hi I was wondering if anyone has lost their Monzo card in India and if so how long did it take to be delivered. Just lost mine the other day here in new Delhi

Have you contacted support? As in, are they sending your new card directly to you in India?

Or, did you freeze and order a replacement card in-app? If you’re getting someone to post it off to you in India from the UK (parents, friends, partner etc) it can take up to 2 weeks but generally about a week - of course, depending on what service you use.

If you haven’t spoken to in-app support yet it’s probably worth checking with them. They’ve probably had to help someone in a similar position before.


Monzo are posting it directly to me. I don’t know if thats gonna be faster


If anyone manages to lose their card in India, the time can very but it took just 4 days for my delivery.