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Your nit really wanting money it’s a easy and a good way to build credit the only down side is you ave to open a bank that’s how thy make money but they is no offer fees unless you don’t what to open a bank then you have to pay the £30 but i think it is worth it it douse helps dn they do report to the Credit regency agency.

You better get a sim only contract, credit builder card and put the money in your saving account. Pretending you’re paying a £30/month loan, it’s ridiculous.

And if you can’t get those or want to boast your history quicker?

The interest you’d get on that amount monthly is tiny so you’re not missing out

Well I was able to get a capital one after 1 year in UK, so everyone should be able to. My only credit history was my Lloyd account and energy supplier. It cost me £0. If you choose loqbox, your are using time/money and do you really think lenders don’t know you are using loqbox(£300ish loan 1 year) ? Honestly you can build your history without paying for it.

It costs nothing. You get it all back at the end unless you decide to get it paid to an existing bank account

People with a history of defaults etc find it hard to build credit again

It costs interest plus maybe £30. If you have defaults, you just need time, honestly I don’t think loqbox is helpful. Just pay your bills and you are building history(Internet, suppliers etc)

There are people who are unable to get any kind of credit for all kind of reasons. Lenders will obviously know they are using LOQBOX and it’s the point: for them it’s means person can afford to maintain monthly payments and takes some effort to have this good credit history.

Also I guess there are credit organizations include carriers that only care about your credit history on particular address and that service can help with that too.

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I am using this service as I what to re build and host credit company I can maintain a payment I do I have a mobile phone contract and broadband ect witch they do show on credit file but due to my ill health at time and being in hospital I have missed and default on credit yes I know default stay on file for a long time but I believe this serve Weill help and it’s a good way to save.

On,y down side I see is getting money out but it’s nit a big issue and I see why the do it as that’s how they make money and it is a free serve and way.

So today £275 unsecured loan from “Ddc Financial Solutions” finally to appeared on my TransUnion and Equifax credit files. So at least I can say for sure that they do report to CRA as promised.

So I guess it wasn’t good idea to trust them any money and data. They was not only hacked, but lost literally all private data that customers gave to them:

Dear Arseniy

We are writing to inform you of a cyber-attack on the LOQBOX computer system.

We became aware of the attack very shortly after it happened on 20 February 2020 at which point we immediately took steps to protect the system and your personal information. We also appointed cyber-security experts to help us find out how it happened and whether our customers were at risk.

Since the attack, we have been working to establish the extent of the issue. We could not contact you until we knew how you had been affected. Based on the findings of our investigation, which is still ongoing, it is extremely likely that some of our customers’ personal information has been compromised by the attackers.

We are deeply sorry to inform you that this included some of your personal information, such as your name, postal address, date of birth, email address, phone number and the following payment information linked to your LOQBOX:

• the first six and last four digits of your 16-digit card number; and
• your card expiry date.

This information on its own cannot be used to access your bank accounts or other accounts. However, it could be used for “phishing” scams. This is where an individual or someone posing as a legitimate business lures you into providing sensitive information such as usernames and passwords. We need you to be aware of this so that you can take any necessary precautions against this, including some of the steps listed below.

Please be assured that all LOQBOX Funds remain absolutely secure and whilst we are deeply concerned about what has happened, the business is still functioning completely as normal.

We are doing everything we can to understand how this happened. We know from our security experts that this was a sophisticated attack. We constantly monitor our systems but have now taken further steps to improve the defences of the LOQBOX computer system. We are also liaising with the relevant regulators and have reported the incident to the police.

We have provided some further information below, including where you can obtain advice on how to protect your personal information and reduce the risk of being targeted by cyber-criminals.

Please do not reply to this email but if you need any additional information, you can find it [here]

We want to thank you for your goodwill and support as our team works around the clock to help those impacted.

Yours sincerely

UPD: Oh, I found another topic about it:

Tom Eyre

First 4-6 digits outline the type of card. Last 4 may be kept on record to update you on billing errors (“your card ending 3491 is expiring soon, please update” for example). Interestingly for some cards you can figure out digits 7&8 based on the type of bank. Now your down to 4

Still those details will likely be split across different databases or stored in alternate ways. For example: RBS UK debit card = 4751 1700 for the first 8 digits for most people. You don’t need to store the digits for it to be computed

Last digit is a checksum too and card numbers use Luhn algo so, again, you can fairly straightforwardly discount a lot of numbers.

This doesn’t account for CSV or Exp dates (and my experience is purely with UK cards)

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It seems they can work out the debit card details, and many other infoamtion.

James, they will waive the £30 fee

Still awaiting a email back from them