Moving from Lloyds

Has anyone gone #fullMonzo from a Lloyds account?
Just wondering if the app functionality for Lloyds was still :100: for any residual savings / ISA accounts?
I’m teetering on the edge of switching and am trying to convince myself to do it, with the possibility of leaving my savings and ISA where they are due to the interest rates I get on them compared to Monzo savings.
Any guidance appreciated :ok_hand:

You can access and use other Lloyds products through the app no problem if you use CASS

I did it myself around a year ago.


No digital cheque processing. If you have a savings account, leave that and hold onto the app and process any cheques that way.

Lloyds have more products to choose from obvs.

I transferred from LBG and find it all good, one immediate thing you’ll notice - the Monzo app is so much quicker.

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Switched but forgot that savings wouldn’t close and so still have the savings account and app function

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No issues here when I switched

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