Looking to buy a new deskchair - recommendations wanted 🪑


I recently broke my computer chair when moving home and looking to pick up something new. I’ve taken a look at a few second hand Herman Miller chairs and even the Secret Labs sale but looking for recommendations.

Anyone picked up one recently?
Got a brand you’d advocate?

Please help me find a new throne.

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Hag Capisco - Style and comfort


Some of IKEAs ones are pretty good value and the one I have is alright for the money - although their top end creeps towards the brands of the big brands which doesn’t make them stand out much

Have you sat in one? I didn’t realise how comfy those things were until I did.

I really wanted an Aeron but work bought me a much cheaper one, that isn’t actually that bad, but it’s not as good.

HM Aeron. Nothing else. Used one for work since 2016 (should have taken it home 2020-2022 but didn’t :scream:) and still use it daily. I wish I could have that chair everywhere, probably in the car too. Insane adjustment, insane long-term comfort.

I thought I could use anything, but since I got the HMA it’s shown what a difference a well designed chair can make. Super highly recommended.


I’d never heard of one of these. Googled it and realised I’m sat on one in my office right now.

It’s a very nice chair.

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I highly recommend a secret lab chair. They’re expensive but the quality, comfort and configuration for them is really good.

Just don’t feel rushed because of a sale, they’re always having one.


Had my IKEA chair for years, cost me 50 quid, comfy enough.

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The shortest cut to a really great chair at really great value is to just buy the one @ordog recommends.

Beyond that, prices start getting ridiculous for the best chairs.

I do love my secret labs chair and if you put a photo out on Twatter you got an extended warranty.

I had a defect with the arm on they sent me a new one without issue.

We use these. Comfortable but fairly minimalist and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in a home environment.


I’ve been using my Secret Labs chair for 40-45 hours a week since 2020 and other than some snack related stains (I bought the pale pink fabric one) it looks like new.

Seriously comfy and so much better than the Ikea chair I had for a couple of years before it.


Worth every penny. I acquired one a few years back and I can’t part with it now. I actually use a sit stand tool day to day but the HM chair is sat there, watching and waiting.

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Of course you did :grinning:

Which Secret Labs chair did you get? I still have an old chair that I got from Staples for £75 and it has definitely seen better days (as has my back).

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Secret lab have an Easter sale on


This thread couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’ve been sitting on a dining room chair for a while now and looks like 2-3 days wfh is here to stay for me.

Had my eye on Slouch but can’t tell if it’s a swishy website that selling it for me… looked good though I thought. If anyone has any experience that would be greatly appreciated.

It’s so pretty :laughing:

I have the Titan Evo as I wanted the “flatter” base. I sit cross legged on the chair sometimes (:woman_in_lotus_position:) and it gives me the space to do this.

Edit: Had to find my receipt to check this and apparently I got it in 2021 not 2020. Time flies.


Just checked and that’s when I got mine too!

It’s still going strong today looking as good as new :muscle:

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That’s why I got the Titan too, plus it has built in adjustable lumbar support too!

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Costco do some good, competitively priced chairs. Apart from that IKEA as recommended above.