The sofa


The brown one… it’s looking a bit tired and sorry for itself.

Has someone been sleeping on it?

Just sayin :wink:

(Tara) #2

I’m glad someone has finally noticed the brown couches. They have a varied history! They have been sat on, slept on, jumped on, stood on and everything in between. They have given a comfy seat to many a Monzonaut whether they were working, learning, relaxing or just really getting into a game of Worms.

I agree, they are looking a little bit tired. We’re a big believer in a well earned rest and so the couches will be going to a nice farm in the country to live out their days when we move into our new office. They will no longer be with us but will always be part of our heart and history.

Special mention to @andys who has re-built one of them on more than one occasion.

(Josh Bray) #3

You should get the youtuber ashen’s to come in. He has a thing for brown sofas.

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