Has anyone here ever used IKEA’s interior design service and what was your experience?

Has anyone got any thoughts or experience with the quality of the furnature?

It’s very hit and miss, and cost isn’t always a good indicator of quality. I always just assume it’s going to be relatively poor quality cheap furniture that will look acceptable once assembled. Then it’s a pleasant surprise on the rare occasion it’s actually good.

My favourite shelves in my house are actually from Ikea. They’re very well made and look great. But it’s the only bit of Ikea furniture in my house I would say that about.


I got some PAX wardrobes delivered that I configured using their online virtual builder thing.

I really like them, they were easy to configure, and very easy to put together - even on my own!

Is there any furniture in particular that you’re considering?


To be honest nearly all of it as I have a new build I need to furnish, unless anyone has any tips of more affordable/good quality furniture elsewhere?

I’d have suggested made.com because thats where I got most of mine when I bought this house and renovated it. But they went under during covid. They still exist within Next, but I can’t attest to what the quality is like now.

It’s something I really need to look into properly. I think @breville_monkey had some good suggestions last time a thread like this cropped out.


The very very basic IKEA stuff can be a bit crap but the next level up is good stuff.

We have the PAX wardrobes and can’t fault them.


Highly recommended the meatballs :pinched_fingers:t3:

Had some drawers and a tv unit from there a few years back, moved a few times and they still look good and remain stable.

Also purchased a 3 door wardrobe, that probably would’ve lasted much longer if it hadn’t been moved house twice, falling to bits but with the right props it stays stood still but it’ll never move again.

Wouldn’t buy them again.

Interior design stuff might be better built.


Have an ikea kitchen and I hate it. Sooner I replace it the better. Everything about it feels cheap. If you squint at it from a distance, it’s just about passable though.


In terms of price vs quality IKEA is really unbeatable. It is flatpack and laminate - that’s what the price range is, but it’s the best of its kind (and also the assembly instructions are great).

These days I tend to buy from Swoon or Habitat and get more solid / long lasting pieces (I do think most Ikea furniture has ten good years in it, but a very well made solid hardwood piece can last a lifetime if maintained). I’ve furnished my whole house though so it’s more the occasional ‘ohh that looks nice’, if I needed to furnish a whole room at once or something I’d probably go back to Ikea.


You’re kidding, right?


I’ve had good experience with Habitat, though equally poor too.

Back to IKEA. It is what it is. Don’t pay peanuts and expect solid lasting oak furniture.

That said, we also have PAX wardrobes which have survived three house moves so far.

For the stuff we have, I’m generally pretty pleased.


No they have some really good pieces, and occasionally some collabs with good designers. They do also sell some absolute tat though. Best to see it in store first if you can, but there is good stuff I promise


I got my bed frame Habitat and it’s lasted me 4 years so far :sweat_smile: pretty solid.

A bed frame, to be fair, should last a lifetime.

It’s only used for lying on, after all :wink:

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Ever since they merged ranges with Argos there’s more tat under the Habitat name. I still like Habitat and like you said they have some nice things that are good quality for the price. I’ve recently been doing a bit of updating and M&S also have some really nice things. The quality is really top notch imo.

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Be lasting multiple lifetimes at this rate.


Another +1 for Pax. Love the fact that they’re so versatile and as your needs change over the years, the parts still exist to reconfigure them.

I have a Habitat bed too and I’m happy with it.

Also you can’t not mention Ikea’s smart home products. They’re fantastic.

Recently picked up and installed a pair of Nymåne LED lamps from IKEA for our hallway.

These are compatible with IKEA Home Smart and Zigbee. It’s really nice to see ceiling lamps that are Zigbee compatible out of the box rather than having to use smart bulbs. Very reasonably priced too, and fairly easy to install.

Mine are hooked up to the Adaptive Lighting integration in Home Assistant, so they start off as a cool light in the morning and gradually become warmer as it turns to evening. Very happy with this purchase!


I must be the only person in the world who hates them. I don’t find them clear at all.


Again, it’s very hit and miss in my experience. Some a really good and clear. Others are dreadfully poor.

IKEA’s customer service is really good - they delivered the wrong size drawers for my wardrobe & sent a replacement same day, and it arrived next day by DPD.

Also, requested a new bolt (as I broke one :eyes:), and that got posted out, and arrived quickly too! Really good service!

I avoid going to their store as much as possible though! :joy: