Anyone Waiting To Buy From IKEA?

Was interested in getting some furniture from IKEA but annoyingly they have stopped taking orders due to back logs.

No IKEA near here either.

How was my post deemed offensive? I was simply asking if other people are also waiting for ikea

Well, that’s just life then, isn’t it? You can either

a) wait until the backlog is cleared
b) shop elsewhere

We won’t be able to open up IKEA for you


I didnt ask that did I ? I was asking if anyone else is waiting too

Not sure what the point in creating a new thread for that is

For what it’s worth I’m not because I don’t need anything but if I did I just checked and I can order no problem for delivery

I need meatballs.

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Never been to IKEA - is it worth a trip?

I won’t kink-shame you, @Revels. You do you.


It’s a day out, take the family. Buy some stuff. Get a cuddly BLÅHAJ :slight_smile:

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The definition for the flag is:

Why you would assume it was flagged for being offensive is beyond me :man_shrugging:

Anyway, let me get changed into my IKEA uniform and I’ll pop to the warehouse to clear the backlog :see_no_evil: :laughing:


If the pandemic has taught me anything about IKEA, it’s that their online ordering system, however modern it looks, is so completely antiquated that it simply couldn’t cope with the increased demand for store closures.

I had to get lucky on which day to hop online and order in order to get all the stuff I wanted placed and delivered in a single order. Why they can’t just sent a 5KG 60x60x25 flat pack box via DPD is beyond me, DPD have delivered larger and heavier things in the past, and I doubt it cost the retailer nearly as much as the £65 IKEA charged.

It’s a shame because IKEA make some really great, and affordable furniture, for much of which, there is no equal or alternative place you can go to to buy stuff.

I live very remote these days and round here, when lockdown restrictions aren’t in place, there are a few folk that take Monthly trips to IKEA, and these people will get your stuff for you. Supports a local, and is often cheaper than getting IKEA to deliver to you too. Perhaps that’s something worth looking into in your area.


What would you have done if there were other people waiting for ikea?

This is all besides the point, though, as orders are open on the Ikea website and there’s no mention of any stops.


I’ve missed Venomx’s random threads :blush:


It’s for the best that they have paused new orders.

Ordering a new desk from them a few months back was a very painful process of seemingly random cancellations missed orders and incomplete deliveries.

A big truck showed up to drop off some tiny accessories for my desk, but the desk itself was mising :man_facepalming:

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Wow. Sounds like I got very lucky then. Was quite a large order, and everything turned up.

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I remember reading an article of someone who made quite a successful business doing this. Upgraded from a car to van and more regular trips.

There was also someone who did the same for Krispy Kreme :rofl:

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You can be flagged for posting content that doesn’t add to a discussion or whatever it’s called. I’m too lazy to look at what the actual wording is though.

So I’ll take a wild guess as to that’s why it was flagged.

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Don’t do it, for your own sanity. Imagine a cattle market but for humans. Where you’re forced to parade around the store with a pencil and paper taking note of all the stuff on site which is begging for your attention.

You trek around for about 9 miles until you’re finally forced to find those items on the warehousing racks.

If you happen to know the cheat codes though, you’ll happen upon secret portals, hidden in plain sight, which transport you to a new area, cutting off at least a mile of walking.


And it was answered here

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Low quality content is the term I think :slight_smile:

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I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it until this post