Leather v Fabric Chair ( for PC )?

Found one leather (PU) and one fabric, but cannot decide which one ?
I side with leather because it looks more classy and easy to clean, but fabric looks softer and more comfy

What are your opinions ? Thanks


Depends if you’re a sweaty arse type person.

How to you find cars with leather seats usually?

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Went for the fabric one in the end

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What? You didn’t wait for another 10 opinions??

You’ve changed man, you’ve changed.


Leather chairs have a far longer life span and look amazing!

Here is my leather Noble Chair


Only if you have decent leather, and look after it properly. I’ve had many computer chairs over the years (not all my personal choice). The ones that have disintegrated fastest? The leather ones.

My last leather chair was about 45% electrical tape by the time the main cylinder gave out and I decided enough was enough and replaced it with a Humanscale mesh chair.

I went for a refurb Herman Miller Aeron chair. Quite comfy,

What mouse is that out of interest?

It’s a Final Mouse Ultra Light 2

Define decent leather?

Any leather is only as good as the care you put into it, I use a decent leather cleaner and oil on my desk and car chairs and they look as new as the day I got them.

Fabric on the other hand