Gaming/Sturdy Office Desks In The UK?

Looking for a gaming or office desk in the UK, must be stable and 120cm or less in width, any recommendations for where ?

Here’s good starting point;

You can even build your own style using modular parts (120cms width is an option)

Noble chairs

Thanks guys
What are the best desks for racing with a steering wheel ? Must be able to clamp it on and for it not to shake whilst using it. Wooden, Glass ? Heavy Light ?

Currently using an office desk from charity shop which moves about a bit sometimes when racing

The Bekant is a good option. I used one in the office where I last worked and liked it so much I bought one for home. Paired it up with a Noble chair, which has also lasted compared to budget ones.

My home gaming/office desk.

I like the corner ones but it won’t fit, I have strictly 120cm width max

Thanks guys

It would have to be sturdy enough to handle my gaming steering wheel, and id ideally have to see it in person to check i I’d be able to clamp my wheel to it too. So IKEA seems the best option. In IKEA can you see the desk in person? I’ve never been before thanks

You can see most items in IKEA. What do you mean by sturdy though? Cheap IKEA desks are going to have a little movement in them.

It’s definitely worth going to an Ikea store, especially as you’ve not been before. Quite an experience and usually gives inspiration for other things. The desk will certainly be assembled and on show somewhere in one of the display rooms/areas. Worth checking out!

The meatballs from the cafe are really good too.


Ok guys I’ve done plenty of research and will go for the " Linnmon " table top, and when we go there I’ll decide which legs are the sturdiest.

FYI im not ordering off the web this time i’ll pop into ikea this week.

Anybody with a Linnmon on here ?

Got the linnmon with adils legs. £25 and does the job perfectly

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