Adding Business logos

I tend to favour small local businesses over large chains, particularly for food (coffee/lunch/dinner).

And I love that Monzo lets you update their details, however despite having added Twitter accounts for most of my regular haunts, they’ve not yet been updated in the app (iOS).

Does anyone know if there is a timescale for this? Are the updateable on the fly or does it need an app update to appear?

Not a big issue, more a mild annoyance.

Also, for the places that don’t have twitter accounts, can we add their logo another way??

Usually what happens is some kind soul will go in and do a batch of them as far as i remember at irregular intervals.

I’ve seen some ive submitted get done in 30 mins and some been left for weeks until i resubmit on my next visit to that place

So in typical monzo fashion ill just say they could be updated :soon: :laughing:


for the places that don’t have twitter accounts, can we add their logo another way?

You can actually paste the URL of any image into the Twitter profile field and the COp will grab that image for you. But as you’ve noticed, they’re not getting round to updating them very often these days.

I tend to find that a lot of smaller, more rural businesses don’t have twitter, so it’d be good if we could submit an alternative, like a facebook page or website for the logo.

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The last 2 updates logo updates I did were processed really quickly. Both done within an hour! I remember doing some at the beginning of last year and they were never processed at all

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Interesting qustion. I work for a relatively large company and asked whether if I provided all of our merchant details from our payment providers if we could “bulk upload” our details so it shows right in Monzo rather than having to do a transaction and then “correct” the details.

I was told it was not possible at all.

Would be great if companies both small and large could submit their details, logo, name, etc. to make Monzo better.


I submitted 3 a few weeks ago , 1 twitter and 2 pic URLs and only the twitter one got put up

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