Login Problem

I can’t login to the Monzo app. I logged out then, I have tried many times to log in but, I wrote my email, then Monzo sent me an e mail, after that I wrote my phone number, Monzo app said me the phone number already in use. that’s why ı can’t login to the Monzo app. I am using Monzo as my business banking, this is very urgent situation. Because I have to do some payments etc. Please help!

The login flow only asks for a phone number if you put an email it doesn’t recognise in. You should check the address you’re using is the one you signed up to Monzo with.

What’s happening is because the address isn’t recognised, it’s putting you into the “new account” flow, which is why it then stops when you put your phone number in, as it can see that number is already associated with an account.

tl;dr, check the email address you’re trying to log in with is the right one.


Is it a business account?

Same here

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