Logging out too much. Desperate

I know, I texted the staff by app about this problem, they said that they are going to solve this in the next big bug fixes.

But on my phone this happens a lot ! I can tell that every day ? Sometimes twice a day, and it happens when I have to do something important ! I am in holiday aboard and I transfered money to my monzo. When I login it takes long until I get the email and when I access the link in the email I think that is getting frozen ? And I have to exit the app but is the same when I come back in, so I just leave it and after hours I check and then works…so annoying. Is that because I am on beta profile at iOS ? I already changed my iOS version twice and is the same. Is just when is the most important, it happens ! I am not using the widget by the way, I heard that the widget can do some problems at the moment ?

Well, that s all.

Hi Cristian,

Just to clarify - have you removed the widget from the widgets on your phone? Regardless of whether you view the widget or not, it may still cause a problem if you view your other widgets & it’s in the list somewhere.

There hasn’t been another update to the test version of the Monzo app so I’d be surprised if this isn’t fixed this week. It’s not going to be fixed until then though so you’re going to have to wait for that I’m afraid.


Hey Cristian,

The fix will be in the next update! We have a bit of a backlog of updates sitting with Apple at the moment. It’s super annoying I know and we’re doing our best to push these through for the public by the end of this week/beginning of next (more likely).

When it comes to the login e-mail my best advice would be to wait at least a few minutes in between e-mail requests and make sure you’re clicking the newest version.

This shouldn’t affect the functionality of your app.

Sit tight ! I know it’s far from ideal, especially as you’re on holiday. We’ll have it sorted very soon :slightly_smiling_face:


I removed the widget from the list when I scroll down is not there. I am only using the widget I really need all the time only.
Yah , I see that ! Hope to get fixed soon, is really bad that bug xD.

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Yah, I totally get it !
Thank you ! Looking forward for it woo :tada:

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