App keeps logging out

Hi, I’m using app version 1.9.1#288 for iOS and today alone I’ve been logged out twice from the app. It’s a tad annoying, has anyone else experienced the same?

Related threads appear to relate to an older issue a few months back.




Happening for me as well. Just seems random. Last update was Jan 3rd

Yes they have, several users have reported this in the developer’s Slack team so Monzo definitely are aware of this.

I’ve not seen any messages confirming whether or not Monzo have figured out the precise cause of the issue &/or a fix though.

The iOS team is aware of one bug which will be fixed in the next release.

  • The Today widget is making an invalid request to the backend (one bug).
  • The backend responds with a forbidden response.
  • The app logs the user out (another bug, it should not do that for forbidden responses)

I believe if you disable the Today widget then the issue shouldn’t occur.


Thanks for the reply.

I’m don’t know what the ‘Today’ widget is, and of course don’t know how to disable it.

Any pointers?


It’s this thing -

To disable it, navigate to your widgets (swipe right on the home screen) > edit > remove the widget.

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Ah, that makes perfect sense now! Thank you.

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I’ve disabled the Today widget, but I’m still getting logged out. Not sure if it is related, but I’ve been having this issue since using Chronos smart watch thingy. Only reason I say this is because it has been messing up other apps by pretending to be a Bluetooth keyboard. Anything in that?