✅ [iOS] Daily App Logout

Hey all, as of the recent update I’ve noticed that the fist time I open Monzo on a new calendar day, I get the “Logged Out” screen and it forces me to log in again. So far, it’s happened 3 days in a row now.

Any thoughts or anyone else experiencing this?

iOS 12.1
iPhone XS Max
2.27.0 #492


No issues here. Might be worth checking your email account is secure and no forwarding rules have been set. It could be that someone is actually logging into your account and that automatically logs you out.

There have been lots of reports of this in the last week. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in the next update


Same thing happened to me :thinking:

Still happening for me. COps told me to reinstall and that hasn’t fixed it.

iPhone XS
iOS 12.1.1
Monzo 2.0.27 492


Just happened to me this morning for the first time, oddly.

Happened again for me this morning - that’s 4 times in a week.

My girlfriend opens the Monzo app on her iPhone 8 about 2-3 times per week and often finds (about once per week/every 2nd or 3rd time) that she’s been logged out. She’s not logged in on another phone or via the web.

Any similar experiences from other people?

Just happened to me. I had a red screen informing me that I had just been logged out. It’s something I’ve not had before :woozy_face:

Fingers crossed the next update fixes this.

Fix for this in today’s test flight

Shame it wasn’t in the release notes :disappointed:

I had the same issue with the TeatFlight app iPhone XS on iOS 12.1.1. The app would occasionally crash when I opened it, and then I’d have to log in again.

Reinstalled App Store version, and too early to say whether this is still an issue.

Reported it last week, but haven’t heard back.

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The AppStore version still has the bug. If you grab the TestFlight version (2.28.0 #497) it has been fixed.

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Thank you, @HoddzDJ. I have now.

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I’ve updated, I hope it fixes it 'cos it was really beginning to get irritating!

Same was happening for me, deleted the app and reinstalled and it’s not done it since :slight_smile: