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Hi everyone. I have been using Monzo for a while but have just joined this community. My problem is I recently swapped from an android device to an apple phone. WHen setting up Monzo on the apple device it asks for phone number and when I enter my existing number it states number already in use (obviously) and I can’t get any further. Is there a way of correcting this or will I have to close this account and start again?

It sounds like you pressed the wrong button - you want the already have an account one not the create an account.

I did that but when it asks for number to us with the app it won’t let me use my existing number because obviously it’s already in use on my Monzo account. Seemed strange to me but can’t see a way around it.

You shouldn’t be asked for a phone number, just the email for your account. I’d delete the app, and download it again then start afresh.

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I did that man honestly, just did it again from scratch. When I click the link in the email, it then sends a verification code to the android phone. I type this code into the monzo app on my iphone and it states phone number already in use and thats it.

I’m all out then. Never had a verification number sent go me, always just a magic link in an email and then I’m in. Hopefully someone else can help :crossed_fingers:

Yeah hopefully. Thanks anyway :v:

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This means you’ve entered the wrong email address associated with your account. Have a think about what other email address you could have registered for your Monzo account with and try logging in with that.

When you enter an email address that doesn’t match an exsiting account it switches you to the signup process where it asks for your mobile number. It doesn’t ask for your mobile number when simply logging in.

Therefore you’re using the wrong email address, hense the error that the number is already associated with a [different] account.


If you still have the android phone you could try logging out of the monzo app on it before ios installation

This seems to have worked. Thanks for saving me what would have been the 4th tech related headache today lol.

Thanks to everyone else that made suggestions too, much appreciated!


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