Log in always asks for email?

Hi All,

I’m new to Monzo and so far it generally positive about it despite a few niggles and other worries I’ve read about on Reddit etc.

Anyways, my question is - why does the app ask for my email address and sign in via clicking an email link every time. I thought it was meant to use facial recognition/finger print etc.

Is there a way to change this so its face recognition after successfully logging in via email?

Thanks, Paul.

The intended behaviour of the app is to remain logged in at all times. If you do that, then depend on whether you’re using the Android or iOS app, there may be settings that allow you to set a lock on the app.

I don’t lock my own app, so my memory may be faulty (and other posters will correct me if so), but my understanding is you can set iOS to be locked at the moment; Android still needs to be updated for face unlock; and Monzo are working at building an entirely new lock system that also ties in with Secure Customer Authorisation regulations.

tl;dr, first step is, don’t log out.


I’ve been using the Monzo app for years. I don’t even know how to log out. Don’t do it. It’s unnecessary.


I don’t know about IOS, but with android, you can use fingerprint.
Once in the app, go to settings “use fingerprint to unlock app”
And that’s it :grin:

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Thanks but I haven’t logged out so far! Just every time I open the app I’m prompted to do the magic email thing again?

Hey Paul! Are you on iOS or Android?

Heya - I’m on iOS!

I’m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner about all this Paul :pensive:

Could you try reinstalling the app from the App Store? Once you’ve done that, head into your phone’s settings, scroll down to where it shows the Monzo app, and tap on Reset Session at the bottom of that page.

Let me know how it goes, or give us a call on 0800 802 1281 and we’ll take a closer look into this for you!