Logout UX

I recently got my girlfriend onto Monzo. Every time she wanted to enter the app and had to get a the email magic link sent to her. I found that strange, and then a few days later discovered why.

She was logging out of the app every time after using it. She was doing this because that was what she considered the right thing to do.

This might be a rare thing, but maybe the UX needs to be improved, or Monzo could contact individuals that keep logging out to make sure they understand that it is not necessary. I’m sure Monzo is collecting metrics around this sort of thing so they’ll have some idea about how many customers it affects.

On iOS you can set it so that each time you launch the app you can have it request face or touch ID. Maybe your GF could set this up as it would probably alleviate the security concern that makes her want to log out each and every time.

I agree with your general point though. At the beginning it did feel kind of inadequate to me that it launches without security but now that I rarely leave the house that concern has passed. Yay…I guess.

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That is how it works on her Android phone. The problem is, that she was logging out each time. She wasn’t aware that this wasn’t necessary and that she could use her fingerprint to access the app.

If you logout then you have to log back in using the magic link in an email.

I’m sure they have metrics on this as a UX concern?