Locking an ISA pot not working

Setup a new savings / ISA pot but when trying to lock it, I keep getting a “sorry there was a problem, please try again or contact us if the issue persists” message.

Hey @Predeker :wave:

Due to the nature of ISA products, it’s not possible to lock an ISA pot. This is to stop the situation where you need to unlock it early and “break” your ISA pot also removing all of your allowance for the same tax year.

We made the decision to protect our customers from accidentally locking ISA pots last year and I don’t think we will go back on this decision.


Shouldn’t the error message actually say that then?


That would make it too obvious as to why it doesn’t work :sweat_smile: really it shouldn’t even show an option to lock at all


Thanks @Moddingfriendly

It’s not meant to show :see_no_evil: and I’m 99% sure it doesn’t show on iOS I’ll double-check with our Android team if something isn’t working as we expect.

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