Locked Target Pots

So I know that the pots feature is already a thing and you can put money in and take it out… BUT what about pots that are locked and will stay locked until you hit your target?

Say for example your saving money for a cheap car (£500) and your putting money aside in the Locked Target Pot. Until you hit your target of £500, you cannot touch (withdraw) the money. This money is locked until target sum is complete.

Apologies if this has been posted already and I’ve missed it. The lightbulb in my head FINALLY lit up for something useful! :joy:


Incoming harsh critique, but intended to be constructive:

There are such things as fixed interest accounts - that only pay interest if you make 0/1 withdrawals (potentially with a max withdraw %) before the term is up; and I believe one of the HtB/Lisa ISAs had a 25% penalty (equiv to bonus?) if not used for housing/retirement.

But my thoughts (as usual) wonder to the extreme circumstances - what if the boiler breaks, you lose your job or a sudden expense arises. Or maybe just that cheap car became £50 cheaper. Not having any access to those funds might cause further stress (someone else might buy the car before you). You can’t use a penalty as an incentive instead, as the account doesn’t pay interest - though products on the market would… There is mention of a password locked pot, but you probably know the password.

So, my question is: if you needed to feed your family, what should you do to open a locked pot?
Maybe wait a time-delay? Maybe give a code to a friend? Lower the target so the goal is reached?

Some would say a good financial lesson is learning self-restraint to not take the money, but I understand people do need a bit of help sometimes.


That’s an awesome idea, love it. :slight_smile:

I understand the points you make and very good points you make too. For me this is an issue saving money hence my lightbulb switching on and I guess really this idea can be constructed around circumstances such as the ones you mention. As some of these don’t apply to me personally, I didn’t really think from the perspective of extreme circumstances but it makes sense to build a fail safe around the Locked pot in case of such scenarios. I think the idea can be further built on now with your suggestions and I hope Monzo take the idea and what I will call fail safes into consideration.

I agree with you on this. I used to have a 5% interest regular saver with HSBC. Some unexpected car repairs came up and I needed the funds to cover it, it only took a trip into branch to close the savings and get the funds.

What did I learn from that? Build a bigger ‘emergency fund’ by having more self-restraint. It’s something that needs to be learnt rather than enforced by your bank.

I have a LISA that I could put more money in each month, but I chose not to incase I need the money. I’m only putting away what money I can manage without and still have some money left for the unexpected.

If a pot can have interest then locking them might have a use, but it’s not for me.

Is Monzo University still a thing?

Awesome Idea, I hope they bring lockable pots out and it would be an option after all right? :slight_smile:

I think a great feature would be having a lockable pot that you can’t have opened until a date that you want it to be accessible from. It could be a great way for Monzo to make some money for the ones that stay locked the longest. There could be savings insentives for pots that are locked at various different increments of time, e.g. 2years, 3years, 5years, 7years, with the rewards getting better for the longest lasting type of account. It could be an awesome way to re-brand the way money is saved and show how flexible saving money should be. Monzo will then set a presedent that banks will follow!!

You’ll be pleased to know that this is something :monzo: has been actively working on and it’s on the roadmap so please vote for it

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Hi Tom,

I’ve moved your post here to keep the chatter all in one place. Looks like @glasgow has already provided a solution :raised_hands:

This would be a cool idea but all too often I have something I need to pay for and need to ‘borrow’ from my savings.

One solution could be that to unlock a pot early, you have to confirm (maybe a couple of times) that you do REALLY want to access these funds. Once fully confirmed, they remain locked for a fixed amount of time (2 hours) which will give you time to think about your decision and maybe change your mind

Hey guys

Not sure if this has been posted before but as a self employed person it would be great if we could setup once a salary payment was paid into the account a pre determined percentage was automatically paid into a pot (that was locked for a time) for tax payment purchases! Just a thought

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Hi @AllanConnolly moved your post to this thread. There’s talk of it coming and it’s on the roadmap so make sure you vote!

Locked Target Pots

Oh, great to know it is on the roadmap. Please make it as soon as posible )))