Locked Out (PIN)!

(Orla Mitchell) #1

Hi, my card has been locked out as I used the wrong pin (of my other card) too many times. I can’t seem to either unlock the card or change the pin. I know the original pin. Is there an easy way to in block my card?


(Oliver) #2

You could try contacting support through the in app chat.

(Rika Raybould) #3

As @Darkoli said, contact us through in-app chat! This is something we can resolve fairly quickly (dependent on how busy it is of course :sweat_smile:). :dash:

(Orla Mitchell) #4

Cheers guys, thank u both, will do.


Once you get in unlocked would you mind sharing what the process is like? I’ve always wondered how PIN unlocks work here in the UK (in my home country - France - there was no such thing as PIN unlocking - you just asked your bank and they sent you another card).

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