Locked out of my account for typing in CORRECT pin?

I was asked to type in my 4 digit pin. I did correctly, then it said i have been locked out for 3 incorrect attempts? I had to re-verify myself to gain access to my account.

Welcome to the community. I assume all is well, now?

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Sounds correct, do you have a question about it?

You don’t want to give someone infinite attempts at trying to break into your account. That would be a thiefs dream come true.

Agreed, but you also don’t want to get yourself locked out for typing the correct pin either!

You may want to escalate this with in-app support now you’re back in, as it could be another back end bug.

You seem to have misunderstood. I typed it in once, correctly - and it locked me out.

Happened again since? If it’s just a one off and you’re back in I wouldn’t worry about it