Blocked or not? Does the app tell you?

My wife typed in her pin wrong 2 times at Macdonalds. Macdonalds said her card was blocked. But I don’t see anything on her app that says it is blocked.

Wouldn’t there be a notification? I’m thinking it was just the pos at Macs that stopped the transaction and not the Monzo card as it doesn’t say anything.

why dont you get your wife to send you a quid , which will tell you if the account is blocked or not , then work from there , check PIN in app then ATM ?

perfect good idea. I’ll do that now

Done. It asked me for the card’s pin on the app when making the payment. Used her pin and went through.

I assume as it asked me for the pin this was a security measure and should work at any POS now?

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Second time test sending a payment and it still asks me for the card pin on the app.

unless you have touch ID ( iOS for me ) enabled I think / am fairly sure its asks you for the PIN every time you transfer money out of the account, but if PIN works I would guess the account is not blocked and logically the card should work with the correct PIN


Good to know. I have touch ID enabled on my phone so probably never noticed that before. She does not.

I’ll get her to try the pin again in a shop.

Also I made a mistake on a payment from mine yesterday with the wrong CCV, The app gave me the exact details - declined ‘wrong CCV’ which was awesome.

We have no notification of wrong pin transactions on her app (well its a jount with me). I’m assuming it was an issue with the merchants POS.

Thanks for the help.

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make sure she gets her quid back :slight_smile:

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It’s my money anyway! (don’t tell her I said that! lol)


why dont you try another quid transfer and put the wrong PIN in ( once :slight_smile: ) to see if she gets a notification on her account , although I suspect it will just say in app wrong PIN , because it won’t go out to a POS terminal to be declined :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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was too slow - she’s on whatsapp now (priorities!)

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I believe you can unblock it at an ATM (maybe contact COps first). Happened to me a year or two ago. I don’t recall there being a notification in app.

Appparently you can unblock it in the app by clicking show pin (ID verification and seflie video again).

So yours was blocked but it didn’t say it was blocked anywhere on the app?

Don’t think so. I was in Portugal at the time, and from memory, I contacted in app, and the person unblocked it, but I either had to visit an ATM, or use chip and pin. Definitely no video or selfie involved.

Now we know. She tried again and yes the pin is blocked. I got the notification on the app as declined. unblock pin in app - ID verification and selfie video.

ID/selfie done and 5 mins later message received with pin revealed/verified.
I guess it’s good to go now.