How i can recover back my account if i dont have The email password?

How i can recover my account back? If i cant acces my old e-mail?

Surely you have greater issues if you don’t have access to your email at all. I’m presuming you are locked out of Monzo too?

But, this article should help you with regards Monzo and assigning a new email address:

Thanks tbutz i hope to get it back cz i have couples of pounds there

It is possible so don’t worry.

Contact Monzo customer service and they will help you.

I know this first hand, and this year too.

Why can’t you access your old email? Surely it will be quicker, easier and better if you followed the recovery steps to regain access to this?

Also why have you put loads of random tags in your topic title :confused:

Im new here so idk too much about this monzo comunity.

What has that got to do with answering how you’ve lost access to your email?

Edit: Oh, the second question I asked :see_no_evil: Could you now answer the first one please :slight_smile:

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