Hi I got blocked app

Hi my app is locked and I tried to open it again but I can’t do can anybody help me

What message are you getting when you try?

They say we check your email and we sent an email but I didn’t receive any and choose the icon I didn’t receive the say we sent an email

Check your junk email

Is this the log in magic link they emailed you?

I didn’t receive it

What didn’t you receive? The magic link?

I didn’t receive any massage from Monzo

Right, but was it the magic link to log in you didn’t get or was it an email saying your account was closed? What message were you expecting to get

Yes it is magic like


It will have gone to the email address. Often people can’t find it because it’s ended up in a junk folder. If you log into your email on a computer it’s easier to find as all options aren’t always available on your phone

If you still can’t find it then email help@monzo.com. It can take a long time for a reply

Ok thnx

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