Locked out of App

Hi. I got locked out of the app so I got sent an email. Clicked the link and followed the instructions. When I put in my phone number and the verification code it keeps telling me the phone number is in use. Well of course it is!
Now it is stuck there and I am getting no reply from support. I even reinstalled it but it’s just stuxk asking for phone number. Any suggestions?

You’ve entered the sign-up flow, not the login flow. This happens when you enter an email address that Monzo doesn’t recognise (you’re using the wrong email address)

Use the same email address as used to sign up with Monzo and it should work without any phone number prompt.


Oh my days I am such an idiot! Completely forgot I had used a different email for that and had it sent to my default. Senior moment!
Thank you so much for your prompt help, back in now :blush:


Good to hear you’re now back in the :monzo: app :+1:

It’s a surprisingly common mistake (multiple email addresses are the norm nowadays!)

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